Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Today I am wearing my brand-new, just-finished-last-night, Ribby Pink socks and a sweater I knit 16 years ago.  The second sock was finished in one day (no second sock syndrome), and I am happy with the result.
Ribby Pinky Socks

I knit a lot (65-75 finished projects in a typical year), so it is unusual when I can remember many details of a particular project from the distant past.  This one was special, though.  I was less than a month from Justin's due date, sick of being pregnant, and had already knit him a mound of clothing.  I decided to knit something to wear after he was born.  Since he was due in February, I decided on a Valentines theme and knit a pink sweater with hearts all over it.  The pattern is called Pansy, and it comes from an Annabel Fox magazine called Summertime (published in 1995).  The pattern called for Rowan Cotton Chenille, but I used a Cascade 220-like yarn (no longer have the labels) that I bought from the sale bin on one of my pilgrimages to Straw Into Gold.  Looking at the sweater today, I think the design has aged pretty well.
Pansy Sweater
Pansy Sweater

Detail of Heart
Now I am back to working on the sleeves for Phinney.  At this rate (hope I don't jinx it), I may finish 10 items this month and half or more will be 2011 WIPs.

Phinney's Yoke

Sleeves in Progress
Just in time to start attacking the projects that I ordered online this week...


Gin said...

Your sweater looks like new! Two at a time sleeves, wow I really must try that.

Jocelyn said...

Great hot pink socks -- and the sweater looks awesome! Funny, I actually have that pattern book! So nice with other's appreciate the pink.