Friday, January 20, 2012

Now what...

I have finished sock number one from this week's start.  The design is from The Little Box of Socks and is called Shadow Rib.  The yarn is some well-aged Regia Color 4-ply in a mix of pinks and reds with a bit of gray, orange and brown thrown in.  I have used this pattern successfully in the past, and this first sock fits well and will look even better after blocking (some of the rib wales are a bit wonky).

Ribby Pinky Sock

My big question for this afternoon is should I knit sock number two or finish the Phinney sweater first.

The other knitting option, of course, is to start yet another project.  After all, I just found out that my pregnant friend has scheduled her C-section for next Wednesday (the baby was due about Valentines, but may pop out before Wednesday from the way she looks), and I haven't yet cast on my gift.

Better stop blogging for now...

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