Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knitter, know thyself

First, pictures of what I've finished since my last post.
Lacy Rib Socks
Silk Garden Stripe Scarf

Brushed Suri Mitts
Close-up of Purple Passion scarf

January being a startitis month, I have interspersed my completions of last year's WIPs with small new projects.  So far, I have finished seven projects, four of which were started in 2011, the rest done entirely this year.

I've found for these "satisfy startitis" projects, it helps if they use less than 200 yards of yarn.  The Lamb's Pride Hurricane hat and the Brushed Suri Alpaca mitts fell into this category; they were both finished before I got the itch to try something new AND I had renewed energy to go back and tackle another of the nagging WIPs.

The Purple Passion scarf (a gift for my MIL, who loves bright colors and sparkly yarns) at ~330 yards was just a tad too long.  By the time I worked in the ends I was sick of the scarf and dying to try another new project (instead of finishing -- only two half-sleeves left! -- my Phinney sweater, the next WIP in the queue).

What did I cast on?

Socks...which means I might be able to finish one sock before feeling the need to move on.

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Carol said...

Love those Lacy Socks!