Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 By the Numbers

This year I finished somewhat fewer projects (65 versus 69 in 2010), but at least half a dozen 2010 projects were items needing less than two hours of finishing that had languished in the stash.  I more than met my goals on gift and charity knitting (goal was at least 12 in each category) and almost met my goal for socks (10 pair completed versus 12 as goal).  I made progress on (in some cases finished) some projects that had been in timeout for a while.

I did, however, buy more than I knit (once again).  I also started some projects in 2011 that are not yet complete.

Here are the scarves that are WIPs.  The scarf for Clay is now at five feet and should grow to six before I run out of yarn (and patience for the project).  The Noro King scarf is slightly over three feet long and about halfway done.  The linen stitch scarf is slow going (I may decide to be done at 6" wide).  The last two scarves are at the beginning stage.
Tweedy Cashmere scarf for Clay

Noro King Scarf

Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf

Noro Stripe Scarf (Silk Garden)

Kidsilk Stripe Scarf
 These Panda Soy socks should have been finished months ago, but for some reason they suffer from second sock syndrome.  The Rockin' Sock project is very complex and needs good light as well as great focus, so it has been in timeout for awhile.
Panda Soy Socks

Rockin' Sock Club Socks (May 2011)
 This hat will be knit from leftovers from my Phinney sweater (a WIP holdover from 2011) and Kerry's Manos Maxima cowl.
Hurricane Hat (leftovers from sweater and cowl)
I also have three sweaters in the works that I started last year:  Phinney from Berrocco Vintage yarn (I ran short of yarn and by the time I got another ball, Christmas knitting was upon me), the Rafik cardie (I stopped about halfway up the back), and the Mondo Cable cardie in Noro Retro (which has been hibernating since May).  Phinney's body is complete (including the neckband), and I have been working both sleeves simultaneously (they are about half done), so maybe I can have a new sweater soon!

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Carol said...

Lovely scarves and I am always amazed at how much you get done.