Thursday, August 11, 2011

Travel knitting

Our annual trip to Fallen Leaf Lake is coming up, and I have been so busy with other activities that I haven't yet figured out what knitting to pack. Last year I took a partially finished Moderne Log Cabin for my niece Amanda and yarn for the Skeldon cardigan from Berrocco Campus. I finished the blanket and got about 2/3 of the way through the sweater during our week at camp. As added insurance, I also brought yarn for socks for my Mom (cast on at camp, but completed January of this year), and Handwerks yarn for a scarf (knit about 10" at camp, then decided to rip and reknit in a different pattern; stuck at 16" in current pattern and shown below).

I know from past experience that I am happiest with a variety of projects to choose from, both in yarn weight and type of knitting.

I am planning on bringing a scarf for nephew (Christmas present) in Ultra Alpaca Light, one or two pair of socks, and a sweater for myself. The scarf, Cuvier from Berrocco Men, is kitted up, but not yet begun; it has a lot of texture, but no lace or cables. I have two different pair of socks at the partway through cuff of sock #1 phase, but am not yet convinced if either will make the cut. The first sock is from the May Rockin Sock shipment; this design is heavily textured and includes cables. The other is from Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd; it will be a French Market Sock and is knit in 3 colors of shetland wool.

Similarly, I have two partially completed cardigans (Rafik in green and Mondo in navy), but am leaning toward starting something else (maybe with some colorwork instead of just texture). As you may be able to see, both are cabled, but the Mondo is mostly stockinette.

I am thinking that I may have too much similarity and/or complexity here. Maybe the Phinney top from Berrocco #302 (I have the yarn in dark teal (body) and deep raspberry (yoke)).

Maybe I should finish last year's scarf instead of one pair of socks (it is lace).

And maybe I should stop overthinking this.

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Carol said...

Can't wait to see Rafik when it's done! Have fun at Fallen Leaf!