Monday, August 8, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever

Certainly not my mindless knitting jag. I was able to finish my lovely cowl (on the needles last post).

I also finished my Pebble Beach top, which was mindless other than minor shaping once I passed the armholes. Thanks to Carol O. for the great picture!

I managed to get partway through block #8 out of 10 on the Moderne Log Cabin blanket I've been making for my brother and his wife when it hit me: this is ENDLESS! The problem with this project is the last few blocks are significantly larger than the rest, so the blanket drags on forever in its final stages. I've decided they will receive it for Christmas, which gives me plenty of time (as long as I budget about 10 rows per week).

I have moved on to fun stuff. The twins turn 23 this week, and I have knit amigurami for each (both from the Mochimochiland site). Kerry gets Flushie and Professor Plunger and Alex gets Error. These were fun, fast knits that took less than a week to complete despite numerous distractions.

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