Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I've Been Pinned!

I remember that in the teen novels I read many years ago, the heroine or her friend would get "pinned" by her boyfriend to let the world know they were going steady.  I can't think of anyone I know in the real world who has gotten pinned in this way, so the practice must have died out over 50 years ago.

I have been pinned in the modern sense.  I am the most recent addition to Berroco's Spotted in the Wild Pinterest page.  Andra, the New England sales rep who always supports Webs at Stitches West, took my picture on Saturday.  She is a serious shopping enabler who always gives me accurate info on the Berroco yarns and patterns.  I am wearing Merle, the Norah Gaughan design I knit in November for National Knit a Sweater Month.  I decided that since I always buy Berroco yarn at Stitches, it was high time I wore one of my Berroco sweaters to the event.  My newest completed Berroco sweaters, King and Acey, were just too warm to wear, but Merle turned out to be perfect.  I got more compliments on this sweater than any other I've ever worn to Stitches.  Cables are hot!

Here I am!
Since cleaning up my craft room, I have been busy knitting, which is good since I bought 4-6 months worth of projects at Stitches (not as bad as in some years).  I got yarn/kits for 6 sweaters (I know, I know), but 3 are quickie short sleeve projects for spring and none of the six should take more than 3 weeks based on my Merle pace.  I got a hat kit from The Mannings booth, two irresistable sock kits from Knitters Brewing Company (Watermelon Socks and Vampire Socks), and several skeins of sock yarn for simple socks from Miss Babs, Western Sky Knits, and Invictus.

Thus far this year, I have knit 2 sweaters (one with a detached cowl), 2 scarves, a pair of socks, a hat, and one more cowl.  Here are the photos:
King sweater in Boboli

Knitting friend's toddler ALMOST modeling baby hat

Simple socks

Me enjoying Acey on this rainy February morning

Windowpanes scarf in cashmere and Miracle scarf in Handwerks sock

Cambio cowl (a Laura Nelkin design)
By Northern California standards, it is perfect knitting weather today:  cool and rainy.  Time to get back to my knitting (and justify my most recent purchases)!

PS:  In cleaning out my craft room, I came across several sweater kits that I am unlikely to knit, including a Philosopher's Wool kit, a Cotton Concerto Jacket kit from Great Yarns (think glitz), a few kits from Ram Wools, and one from Shelridge Farms.  I plan to post photos on Ravelry soon.  Let me know if you are interested in any of my excess stash.


Linda said...

Congrats on being pinned!!
I too love Berroco yarns - and have several of them jotted down to look for the next time I'm at my LYS!

Linda in VA

Carol said...

Your sweater looks great and I just added it to my favorites. I am sure you will have those WEBs purchases knit in no time - you are fast!