Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Xmas might happen after all

I'm actually remarkably calm.

My parents gifts are done (just need to be wrapped and mailed).  The gift for my brother and his wife should arrive tomorrow, ready for wrapping.  Mailing will be tomorrow or Friday (since they are relatively nearby, arrival before Xmas is probable).

I have eight houseguests staying with us beginning Sunday for eight days.  I bought stockings for all at Target, labelled them, have been busy wrapping for all the stockings (guests plus our family of five), and have a nice present ready for wrapping for each guest (one hat needs binding off and a pompom, but otherwise I'm done).  I promise to post a photo of the entire pile of gifts before wrapping.

House is relatively clean, and food and supplies are here (or ordered) for the guests plus Xmas dinner for 36.

I have presents for my husband, both sons, and brother-in-law ready for wrapping.  None are handknit.


I haven't started my daughter's gift, my sister-in-law's gift, or birthday gifts for my niece and nephew (both born January 11, but a year apart).  I may need to repurpose a not-quite-perfect knitted accessory or two from my just-in-case gift stash.

Oops, I just remembered that I forget about oldest kids' significant others.  More presents, less time.

Youngest son has an out of town soccer game on Friday, right after finals are done.  Then he needs to finish college applications before the relatives arrive, which means I get to supervise (and get less other work done).  His room will be given to guests, so despite cleaning the house thoroughly yesterday, I have more cleaning work ahead.

My husband and I shared a bottle of Argentinian Malbec at dinner tonight.  Finishing the bottle off just seemed to make sense.

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