Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes the Knitting Works out Just the Way I Planned

Last post, I showed the beginnings of my Rayures cowl.  Today, I am pleased to report, the cowl is complete, and the things I did to make sure the FO met my standards all worked well!

First, I used my current favorite provisional cast-on:  a long tail cast-on in which the tail is waste yarn.  I like this because it holds the stitches in place in the correct configuration.  This way, I did not need to remove the waste yarn first, thread the stitches onto a spare needle, and try to make sure the grafting all went in the correct direction with no twisted or missed stitches.  Instead, I grafted the live stitches just as I would a sock and the top stitches I just hooked into as they presented themselves.  I snipped and removed the tail after every 6-12 stitches had been grafted to make sure that the grafted stitches would not stand out.

Here are some photos to show what I did:

Tail for long tail cast-on in scrap yarn
Grafting to the cast-on edge
Another thing I did was to use some more scrap yarn to run a line up the original seamline.  Because I used a jogless join that requires the color change to move one stitch to the left every stripe, it would have been easy to get the cowl twisted.  When I had finished my knitting, I lined up the seamline (being careful not to twist!) and pinned it in place until I had grafted the first few stitches.

Here's what it looked like:
Seamline marked with scrap yarn

Pinning to get make sure I have no twist
The final result looks great.  With the winter sun, good quality photos from my phone are hard.  The FO picture is a bit fuzzy, but the colors are pretty accurate.

Work in progress on the grafting

Finished Rayures Cowl!
I think I may spend a few hours (or days) on knitting that requires a bit less close attention before getting back to my Transition Point socks.

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