Friday, January 18, 2013

Knitting Inspirations (Distractions?)

The good news is my plan to get the Opal socks finished worked.  Alternating between the socks and a scarf from MIL's stash yarn resulted in two FOs last week.  I gave Margaret the scarf Wednesday to add to her (beginning) accumulation for next fall's scarf drive for the AAUW teen program, and I am currently wearing my new socks for the second time since finishing them.
Red Heart Scarf for charity

Comfy (but garish) socks
I also finally knit a Laura Nelkin bracelet that I had strung the beads for last August.  It was one of those times when I just couldn't seem to wrap my brain around what was needed; it took me three hours  and countless attempts just to string the beads last summer.  On Sunday, it only took me one try at knitting to spot another stringing mistake and one botched attempt at knitting after that before it all became clear.  A few hours later, I had my finished Medallion Bracelet.
Medallion bracelet
Instead of being a good girl and working on one of my (many) WIPs, I started two new projects (at least they were from stash).  The first project is called Transition Point, a very complex sock design by Star Athena.  It was the May 2011 Rockin' Sock Club project, and I had tossed it aside when I realized 3" into the cuff that a size medium (64 stitches) was not going to stretch over my high arch/pointy heel due to all the twisted stitches, even if it fit my ankle perfectly.  Sunday I ripped and cast on a size large which should work well.  This is slow going due to a different chart for the front and back of the cuff.
Back of sock cuff

Front of sock cuff
The other project is a Rayures Cowl; I bought this as a kit at Interweave Knitting Lab this fall from Nine Rubies.  The yarn is a heavenly Anzula Cloud, and I love the way the stripes are developing.  I am using a jogless jog as I change colors, and it is working well whenever I don't make a mistake.
Rayures Cowl in Anzula Cloud

Close-up of the jogless "seam"
I have been inspired to think about knitting something other than accessories lately.  In Menlo Park, the window of an upscale housewares shop features three handknit toys that I really like.  The website says that they are 22" tall and knit from hand spun wool by artisans in Kenya.  The asking price of almost $300 apiece thus seems appropriate if the craftswomen are paid a reasonable amount, but it is beyond my budget for purely decorative items.



I have also found myself dreaming of sweaters, but wanting to try something new.  Along comes my enabler friend Carol, who mentions that she plans to participate in the 2 Knit Lit Chicks Kardigan KAL .  Since the rules specify that the project must be started and finished between February 1 and May 1, that eliminates any of my WIPs.

A Ravelry ad from designer Carol Sunday caught my eye just after reading my friend's post.  Here's the photo:

Tapestry by Carol Sunday

I've already corresponded with Carol S. to double check body and sleeve length for my preferred size.  She kindly offered to calculate how much yarn I will need.

I think I'm about to spend some money...

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