Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something in the Air

Whenever the season changes or the weather changes, I seem to catch knitter's ADD.  The weather has been changing a lot around here lately (sometimes cool and foggy, sometimes warm and sunny, sometimes back and forth in the same day). All these weather changes plus the official beginning of fall (school has started!) means I have had an excessively short attention span in recent weeks.  I have been jumping from project to project so often that I think I may have more new WIPs than new FOs in the past month.  I was reminded just how bad it was while reading the Yarn Harlot's latest post.

The other thing that happens during knitting ADD time is if I get within sniffing distance of a yarn shop and happen to walk in (even with the intention of only buying ONE set of sock needles), pretty soon my arms are filled with yarn and I have at least four new projects.
This happened a few days ago. Twice.  It was so bad at Green Planet Yarns that they asked if it was my birthday (it wasn't).

Then the yarn fumes started pouring out of my computer and before I knew it, I had bought multiple projects from two online vendors.

They were both having sales, after all...

So, what did I get, you ask?

Four skeins of Stonehedge Crazy Mill Ends yarn.  This yarn actually started calling to me through the window as I walked by.  Those are strong yarn fumes!  Two have already been knit into a Dr. Who style scarf; the other two are destined to be cowls.  The yarn is even more striking in person.

Dr. Who Ingredients


Another cowl-to-be
Two skeins of Noro Shiraito (their limited edition cashmere blend) that is destined to be a Wingspan (the store had a model that was perfect).

A hat kit with the sadly discontinued O Wool Balance.

A skein of also discontinued Lana Bambu for a cowl.

Alpaca with a Twist Surino (on deep discount):  enough to make TWO Color Affections.
Rosewood, light gray, dark gray

Sage green, pale yellow green, ivory

From the other local store (Yarndogs), I restrained myself (relatively) and got a skein of Tosh DK for a Honey Cowl and a skein of Tosh Sock in the lovely shade of Amber Trinket (probably socks).

Online, I scored two sock kits and two glove kits from Knit Picks (all were on sale).  I also bought some mystery sock yarn from Blue Moon during their blue moon sale (one bag of blues, two bags of mediumweight surprises).

I have finished a few things since I last posted:  a mystery KAL shawlette from Wendy Johnson (mine had beads instead of nupps), three projects designed by Stephen West (a Daybreak shawl, a pair of Dustland Mitts, and a Spectra Scarf), a crocheted bracelet, and two pair of socks.  I've also gotten at least 2/3 through my first Color Affection, started a Thendara (Stephen West again), and gotten well into two new sweater projects.

PS:  I think I got overconfident about my knitting speed a few months back when I was participating in the Classic Elite Spring-O contest.  I was one of the big winners and got all of their fall brochures.  I was expecting 6-10 pamphlets; imagine my surprise when I found 28 pattern booklets along with a lovely note in my mailbox!

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Carol said...

Congratulations on winning the Classic Elite contest! That's a lot of patterns! You may have been buying alot of yarn, but it sounds like you are getting many of your projects finished.