Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Inner Zelda

Today the Yarn Harlot posted about her Inner Knitter and how she is a teenage girl (manageable when she is pouting in her room, impossible to ignore when she demands your attention).  Mine is more like Zelda Fitzgerald (can you tell that we recently watched Midnight in Paris?).  Mine is brilliant at times, but often fickle and scatter-brained.  She also disappears late on New Year's Eve and doesn't reappear until well into January, giving me plenty of time to polish off some WIPs hanging around the house.  I figure she must have one heck of a hangover.  This year I managed to finish six WIPs started in 2011 plus five more new projects by February 1 while she slept.

I haven't been nearly as productive lately (completed only six projects in the following two months), and now Zelda has infected me with startitis.  Just look at what I have on my needles, all started in 2012:

Rainbow Lasagne Noodle Scarf

Shadow Rib Socks in Opal Graffiti

Daybreak Shawl in Cascade Heritage and Taiyo Sock

Spectra Shawl in KnitPicks Chroma and Stroll

Flip Top Mittens (kit from White Shores)

Central Park Hoodie in Classic Elite Waterlily
Now I did finish a few projects since my last posting (see below), but this is getting a bit out of hand.  I'm getting close to the point of needing to finish a project before casting on another (close, but not quite there, since I'm far more interested in progressing on the Rainbow scarf than finishing the socks).

Such is the life of a knitter...
Ladder Lace Scarf in Mission Falls Cotton

Knitting Pure and Simple t-shirt in Filatura Tempo
Sharks Mitts

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