Friday, October 29, 2010

Scatter brained

Fall weather is finally here. After a month of fairly productive knitting, I am suddenly antsy again. Somehow a major weather change makes me want to drop everything and try something new.

Sometimes more than one new thing.

I'm trying to deal with this in a way that will actually result in more than half a dozen new UFOs.

Approach #1: I've pulled out my Barn Raiser Quilt squares (I've finished 34 so far) and my version of Shelly Kang's Sock Yarn Blanket and put them neatly in a linen box from Storables along with needles and leftover sock yarn. In the past few days, I've added 7 squares to my SKSYB and gotten halfway through BRQ square #35.

Approach #2: Instead of starting something brand new, I pulled out a jacket I started last winter in Noro Iro. I had stopped this one after one sleeve and half a back because I realized that to make it as long as I wanted, I would need more yarn. By the time I got that yarn, I was, of course, on to another project. It is a good thing I let this one languish because a quick measurement led me to rip out the back and start with a different size.

The good thing about Iro is it is big yarn, so progress is visible in a short time.

Approach #3: I am also rotating through what had been my current projects: a tweedy cardigan (Tahki design, Berrocco yarn), socks (simple slipstitch pattern, Lorna's Laces yarn), and two scarves from kits (one laceweight from Morehouse Farms, one cashmere from Jade Sapphire). This gives me a variety of techniques, colors, gauge, and texture to choose from.

Approach #4: When I needed an emergency birthday gift for Joe (he had gone and bought himself presents AGAIN less than a week before his day), I got yarn for a ribbed hat for him. I couldn't resist also getting yarn for Xmas knitting. From that purchase, I've made Dad a pair of fingerless mitts and matching hat (both from Knits Men Want), a Soft Structure Cowl for Kerry, an Inside-Outside Cowl (my cowl version of the Inside-Outside Scarf from Knit One Below), plus another hat for Dad from stash. From that purchase, I still have yarn for a hat for Mom (and a vest for myself, but that doesn't count), plus I have stash earmarked for a scarf for my mother-in-law and a hat for my father-in-law. I may shift to one of these when I feel the need for quick gratification.

Approach #5: Charity knitting from stash is my other current option for a brief change and quick sense of accomplishment. I've knit four preemie hats for Save the Children in the past month, all from stash. I've also finished several adult sized hats. The nice thing here is it decreases the amount of storage space devoted to leftovers, and does it faster than approach #1.

I may acquiesce to my impulses anyway. After all, the holidays are coming up and I have this wonderful dressy Rowan sweater that I have all kitted up and ready to go...

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