Saturday, October 30, 2010

Procrastination pays off!

Occasionally, it pays to let a project sit a bit.

About one ball into reworking the back of the Iro jacket I was able to detect the repeat. Since Iro comes in skeins, not balls, I had not wound all the balls in the same direction. It is an even split between pulling from the inside and unwinding from the outside if I want the repeat to go in the same direction (I do).

Then I looked at the completed sleeve. Knit in the opposite way from the sweater body, of course.

That was the last thing I needed to motivate me to rip and reknit (it is 2 stitches too narrow).

Turns out my UFO was, in effect, an unstarted object (the gauge was right, at least).

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Carol said...

Good to see you posting again! Visiting with Medrith brought back memories of the old days!