Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knit Olympics here I come!

An hour and a half after Stephanie Pearl-McPhee posted the sign up list for this year's Knitting Olympics, I signed on. In the spirit of faster, higher, better, I chose a cardigan knit entirely in linen stitch (lots of knitting per inch), that will use roughly 2200 yards of yarn, and that has set-in sleeves (and the body is knit in the round -- the hardest kind of sleeve to make look good). Out of the 17 days (16 24 hour periods), I will spend three out of town visiting a BFF who doesn't knit, one at Stitches West, and at least one full day's worth of time on various non-profit projects.

Not to mention that linen stitch can get very boring very fast. I'm even having difficulty finishing the swatch -- not a good sign.

Lots of challenges, admittedly, but I really think this sweater will be a great addition to my wardrobe, so here goes.

Update on my resolution challenge:

finished the 3 ball scarf for Sloan (in the positive column again for projects and balls of yarn)

blocking a cardigan for myself (6 1/2 balls of yarn) -- hope to finish tomorrow

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