Monday, December 24, 2007

I actually finished my Christmas knitting! *

Okay, so I didn't finish the three gifts I added to my knitting list on December 23rd in a burst of overly optimistic enthusiasm. Nor did I touch the two "extra" projects (a sweater each for my two older kids) I had in my queue just in case I finished the rest early. BUT I did finish knitting and wrapping every gift I needed to complete for Christmas Day by the morning of Christmas Eve (I don't know if I've ever done this before)! My scarves for friends Dawn and David were wrapped and mailed in time for my daughter to hand deliver them before flying home from college last week.

Here's my FO list (gotta gloat):

2 pair Greenaway Gloves for my two nieces (see previous post)

Reversible Cabled scarf for Dawn (see previous post)

Chattahoochee scarf in DiVe Autumno for David (design in 1/08 Creative Knitting)

identical scarf for my father-in-law

Mistake Stitch Rib scarf in Bouton D'Or Ksar for family friend Douglas

Mistake Stitch Rib hat in Blue Sky Suri Alpaca for my dad (photo coming soon)

Triple Cable scarf in Peruvian Tweed alpaca for my brother

Branching Out scarf in Curious Creek Omo for my brother's fiance

That's six scarves, one hat, and two pair of gloves, all between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also sewed several gifts: an apron for my daughter, a pair of hotpads for my husband, and a set of placemats and napkins for hubby. I sewed a handful of gift bags as well in my attempt to be a bit more green this year. All but the apron was made in December.

The gifts that I didn't finish? Fetching gloves in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk for my daughter, Dashing gloves in Mission Falls 1824 wool for my older son, and ribbed fingerless gloves in Mission Falls 1824 wool for my youngest son. We're going out to dinner as a family on the 30th, so I plan to give them out then. I've finished my daughter's gloves, am on glove number two for my youngest, and need a few more yards of yarn to finish the dashing gloves for Alex.

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