Saturday, October 13, 2012

Easily Swayed

When I have startitis, it usually isn't just a sense of restlessness (i.e., "this project is just not satisfying the I want to knit itch"), but often that my ear keeps hearing the siren call of other projects.

Sometimes it is the fumes from a just purchased yarn that pulls me into a new project.  This happened with my recent shopping spree, when I made two cowls and a scarf with my Stonehedge Crazy Mill Ends, a cowl from Lana Bambu, another cowl from Madeline Tosh, and a hat from O-Wool Balance.

O-Wool Balance Hat (see previous posts for cowls)

Then I watched a video that my friend Jocelyn recommended.  It is from German TV and shows kids how Opal yarn is made.

I suddenly had the urge to make some plain vanilla socks from a patterned yarn (mine are in Mehlenweit, not Opal).  This yarn was near the top of my stash because it too came from the shopping spree.

Then I was reading Wendy Johnson's blog and admiring the Fair Isle sweater she is knitting in Kauni.  Next thing I knew, I was knitting a pair of gloves from a KnitPicks kit (another shopping spree purchase) that had Fair Isle trim.

I noticed that several friends on Ravelry had faved a few Stephen West designs, so I went through his designs and found Purl Ridge, which was perfect for some shopping spree Terra.

Now my friend Carol has blogged about a "plain vanilla" sweater she is knitting, which of course got me thinking that a sweater is just the project to start.  Mine is Kindra from the newest Berroco Norah Gaughan booklet.  It is in Lustra in a deep blue called Abysse (that is just on the teal side) and should be perfect for fall and winter.

I'm hoping that since I was able to finish all of the projects I've started since going on the spree in mid-September, I might actually finish this in a timely manner as well.

Unfortunately, there is that small matter of the September Rockin' Socks Club package that just arrived.  It is screaming "knit Franklin Habit's hat" at me (maybe having it on display on the dining room table is not such a good idea right now).

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Sava said...

I suffer from severe start-itis in the same way!

For that reason, I usually try to stay away from ravelry and yarn shops until I've at least got my projects mostly done, because I just cannot resist all the beautiful new ideas that people put out there.