Thursday, July 7, 2011

Knitting Progress and Redirection

The good news is I have finished almost everything listed in my last post as "current projects". Here is the Universal Scarf in Classic Elite Princess and another in Trekking Fach (leftover from the February Skacel knitalong project).

I also finished the June Trekking knitalong project (some cuffless socks).
Here are the March Rockin' Socks Club socks. I knit Merry Socksters and each sock is slightly different (I didn't notice until I finished the second sock). They are still cute and comfortable.
The only WIP I mentioned last time that is still unfinished is the Pebble Beach top in Classic Elite Sprout. It is, however, about 80% complete. I got impatient and added the scarf at the neckline even though it weighs down the knitting.

Dad's birthday was July 3rd and he always likes a new hat, so I knitted him one from Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash (denim blue). It is soft and very thick with so much texture.

Although Dad's hat distracted me from my goal of finishing the Pebble Beach top for a few days, the bigger distraction came from my brother. He has been dating Karen for 10 years and introducing her to everyone as his fiancee for the past 8. A few weeks ago they eloped (they are both in their 50s and have been married before, so I guess they decided this time to be a bit more casual). After getting over the shock, I spent at least a week trying to figure out what to get them. I settled on a throw, then spent days going through every book of afghan designs I own. I finally remembered that the Moderne Baby Blanket (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) always looks great and that I had a dozen skeins of Lamb's Pride (5 colors) that I could make it from. I just started block #4 tonight. My goal is to finish it before our family party on July 30th.

Actually, my goal is to finish well before then so I can knit other things this month besides garter stitch!

PS: Spotted some yarnbombing at Menlo School the other day.

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Carol said...

Some nice projects. I can't wait to see the finished Pebble Beach.