Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally banished the boggarts!

It took awhile.

First, as my friend Suzi put it, I needed a "palate cleanser". Two baby hats and one baby sweater later, I was finally ready to plunge ahead full speed on the March Trekking socks.

This time, I went with needles just a bit smaller than called for, test fit the first sock every few inches, and IT WORKED! I finished the dreaded design a day before the contest deadline and got confirmation from Skacel that I had submitted in time. Here's a snap of the finished socks:

I like this colorway (a gently striped green Pro Natura) better than the suggested yarn (a bright rainbow), and will definitely get a lot of wear from these socks.

Here is a picture of the sock monkey I knit in March (my only FO for the month -- I told you the boggarts were persistent!). As you can see, it is quite large.

I am making progress on other socks now. Here is the first completed Almost Saintly Sock:

The April Trekking Knitalong sock is coming along nicely. I am up to date with the instructions published so far (and yes, I've tried it on). Here's a pic:
Last night I was able to knit and relax with a few knitting friends. I was the only one working on socks. The sweaters, skirt, and baby blanket were all lovely; I think it will soon be time to get back to larger projects.

Of course, there is that Rockin' Sock club March shipment calling to me...

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