Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three times was NOT the charm

The cuff on version 3 of the sock fit (barely) after a few repeats. It still fit (barely) after a few more.

I then remembered that sometimes socks, even those out of super wash wool, shrink slightly in the washer. Instead of taking the risk of not being able to wear the socks after the first time, I ripped again.

Since the cast on seemed plenty loose, I left it and the initial rows (all garter) intact. My new plan is this:

Cast on, all garter sections, and sole of foot will all be knit on size 2 1/2 mm needles.

Chevron sections will all be knit on size 3 mm needles.

Thus far, I have knit 4 repeats on the cuff. The cast on garter edge no longer ruffles and the circumference is a comfortable 8 1/4". It also stretches more than it did when I knit the same pattern on smaller needles.

I would have been much better off being a blind follower.

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