Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knitting Resolutions/Best Intentions and a Few FOs

Last year I vowed to knit more than I bought. It was clear by the time I finished with Stitches West Market, I was not going to achieve that. Since last February, I have catalogued my stash (at least the yarns and kits) with the idea that self-knowledge is power. I ended the year knitting up only slightly fewer projects than I bought, but I added more yarn to the stash than I knitted up. I also reduced the number of WIPs and UFOs, mostly by finishing them off.

This year, I have the following knitting goals:

  • Complete more knitted projects than I purchase. Based on last year, I don't think this should be a stretch goal.
  • Knit up (into finished projects) more balls/skeins of yarn than I purchase.
  • Do not buy or start any sweaters in linen stitch. Completing one already in progress would be more than okay.
  • Decrease the number of WIPs/UFOs by at least 10%. This could be major league difficult.
  • Continue to catalog my stash, WIPs, and finished projects. Photograph as many as is feasible.
Less than a month into the year, I'm happy to report that I'm not doing too badly. First off, the FOs (all since January 1st):

Trekking Knitalong January socks (mine are in Trekking Pro Natura)

Two more pair of socks (those on left are for Mother's Day gift for Mom and those on the right are my own toe-up design in Kroy FX)

Five scarves for Winter Special Olympics (I still have a small amount of Red Heart Super Saver if anyone wants it)

A Fair Isle tam knit in Fresco (Jared Flood design) which will be a present

And one more Barn Raiser Quilt square (this one is in leftover Tofutsie)

In comparison to my goals, I've completed 3 more knitted projects than I've bought (two of the pair of socks were from yarn purchased this year, and I don't count the BRQ square as a completed knitted project), I've decreased my WIPs by 2, and I've only bought 1 more ball of yarn than I've knit (I just couldn't resist buying the pattern and yarn to make sock monkeys -- I've wanted one since I was a little kid).

Not bad, but the January Rockin' Socks shipment is likely to arrive tomorrow and Stitches is coming up VERY soon -- so, back to knitting!

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Carol said...

Wow! Your socks (all of them) are beautiful! I have just finished the first one and will start the second one tomorrow. I would love to get together for lunch or coffee and I will be going to Stitches on Saturday with Candace, also dinner on Friday night with Cris Reeser and others. Do you want to join us? Last year I bought one skein of sock yarn at Stitches and a book. No classes this year. I have really cut back.